Fangclub – Bullet Head | EP Review

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Get your rock ’n’ roll face on, because it’s time to check out the new EP Bullet Head from gritty trio Fangclub. Layering both sharp, clean guitar riffs and messy, chaotic fuzz, this latest release is a stoner-rock paradise.

The EP kicks off with title single ‘Bullet Head’; razor-sharp rock with some decent riffs and a sturdy rhythm, but ultimately underwhelming as we expect a record such as this to open with a bang, rather than a damp fizzle.

Fangclub do eventually deliver, however, in the form of ‘Psycho’, with verses that teeter on the verge of low-key grunge but then rocket int a punchy chorus full of plucky chants and anthemic beats that give us something to really sink our teeth into. It’s not the only track on the EP that has some real oomph behind it; ‘Young Blood’, for example, has a fun ‘90s vibe that racks up both lo-fi, Nirvana-style grunge and cool Beach Slang pop in equal measure.

Unfortunately the record dips again towards the end, coming back full-circle to finish with a slow burner in ‘Role Models’, a good grunge track but something that has been recycled time and time again since its ‘90s heyday. Bullet Head has shining moments but, in general, it could do with a little more dynamism to reinvent it into something for the newer generation.

Our Rating

6 Rating

Release Date: 13th May 2016