On The Eve Of Their Album Release, Moose Blood Treat The Rose Theatre To A Night Of Heartfelt Sing Alongs | Live Review

Moose Blood

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Moose Blood are no strangers to Kingston, or most parts of the country for that matter. Kicking off a series of album release shows, the four-piece took to The Rose Theatre on 04th August, just hours before the release of their brand new album Blush. Not the usual setting we would expect to see the band in, yet they made themselves right at home.

Donning a simple stage set up with a flag backdrop, amps illuminated by pink neon lights and twinkly fairy lights; Moose Blood created a DIY atmosphere in what is essentially one of the largest theatres in South West London. Once writing about playing to half-filled rooms, the emo rockers have come along way, playing to rooms that only seem to double in size on each tour. Sporting a mixed setlist of ‘old’ classics and never-before-played-live tracks off the band’s forthcoming release, the gig highlighted Moose Blood‘s evolution from an up and coming band from Canterbury to one of the most loved bands in the scene today.

Opening the night with lead single ‘Honey’, no time is wasted as the restless audience start what is to become an endless stream of crowd surfers, jumping on and off stage throughout the night. With a band like Moose Blood, whose abilities include adding an extra element to wistful, nostlagic tracks with massive hooks; sing alongs are always loud and plenty. This show was no different, whether it was in the form of longtime favourites like ‘Bukowski’ and ‘Boston’ or even newer tracks like ‘Sulk’, which made its live debut that night.

With not a lot of stage production to boot, or any rehearsed banter to deliver to the crowd, the band rely solely on on their performance; which luckily consists of stunning musicianship and impassioned vocal delivery. Though playing to sold out crowds has fast become the norm for the four-piece, it seems that it will never get old for these guys. Not very talkative, the shy and soft-spoken frontman Eddy Brewerton was often choked up upon hearing his lyrics sang back to him.

There is a reason why time and time again people come back to catch Moose Blood at yet another gig. Quite evidently still very humbled by the experience of it all, the band play with just as much passion and gusto as they did on day one; creating the perfect atmosphere for fans to be reminded why they fell in love with the band in the first place. No frills, just good music and a good time.

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