Evanescence Make A Triumphant Return At London’s Hammersmith Apollo | Live Review


Source: George Powell

Evanescence need so introduction especially if you lived the 00’s Myspace Emo phase in reality and when they announced two London shows tickets imminently flew of the digital shelves as everyone spent month’s reminding themselves why they loved the Arkansas five piece.

As the lights dimmed and the venue rumbled ‘Everybody’s Fool’ from debut album Fallen blew from the speakers. The band’s debut came out 14 year’s ago, a number we’re struggling to get our heads round, although thankfully a glance around the venue will show that a large proportion of people would have indeed been able to enjoy the debut album when it came out.

The band’s eighteen song set featured tracks from all across their careers alongside a sneak peek into what’s all to come in the form of their latest album >em>Synethesis which is due out later this year. There’s no denying that Amy Lee is a wonderful frontwoman with such passion and impeccable vocals which transcend from what we hear on record to live perfectly. Every single note was perfect although until the mid-set break there wasn’t a lot of crowd interaction, but the acoustic version of ‘My Immortal’ was well and truly worth it as Amy was joined for a sit-down by guitarists Troy McLawhorn and Jen Majura.

Of course a lot of people may only know the ‘big numbers’ with ‘Going Under’ providing a huge sing-a-long, and of course finale song ‘Bring Me To Life’ received the kind of reaction you’d expect to get when Crazy Town play ‘Butterfly’. The track is a legacy in itself becoming a main part of rock radio stations and club night’s across the world.

Evanescence aren’t your traditional rock band, their entire back catalog could easily have fallen off a film score for Batman or the likes, it’s so anthemic but never to the ends of being cheesy straddling the right side of the line. ┬áConsidering the five year’s since the band last played London it’s like they’ve never been away.