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Every rock-loving child, teen and adult know and love Evanescence. They are a band who have been a staple of rock music since their formation. And singer Amy Lee has been the ultimate goth fashion icon since day 1. (And you’re lying if you say you haven’t wanted to be her for a day).

But Amy Lee’s incredible fashion sense isn’t why we’ve adored Evanescence since the 90s. The band has created some of the most stunning tracks of all time. And luckily for us, after a long 6 years, the band are about to release their new album Synthesis, which features reworked versions of their previous material.

The 16-track album kicks off with a haunting, stripped-back rendition of ‘Never Go Back’ and we’re already floating in a gothic dream. The stunning album features subtle electronic flourishes, and warm, atmospheric instrumental pieces. Tracks ‘My Heart Is Broken’ and ‘Secret Door’ are grand and all consuming. Amy Lee’s striking vocals are propelled by the delicate yet intricate melodies. New tracks ‘Imperfection’ and ‘Hi-Lo’ fit perfectly among the band’s impressive, poignant tunes.

Soothing ballad ‘Lost In Paradise’ manages to become even more passionate and beautiful than before—we honestly didn’t think that was even possible! Elsewhere, the massive ‘Bring Me To Life’ is stripped of all its punchy rock elements and instead replaced with resplendent orchestral accompaniments, and expansive electronic pulses. We’ve established that whether it’s an intense rock track, or an electric ballad, we are 150% singing along to ‘Bring Me To Life’. That track cannot be stopped. It’s truly a masterpiece.

Synthesis is a window to an alternate Evanescence. The band is still as magnetic and eloquent as ever, but is using electronica and grand orchestral arrangements to tell their meaningful narratives. And we think it’s wonderful.

Our Rating

8 Rating

Release Date: 10th November 2017