Escape The Fate – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham – 10/02/2018

Escape The Fate

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There’s been an argument that Escape The Fate are a band running out of time. It’s 2018, and emo just isn’t the in thing anymore. Bands that were once the front-runners of the genre have adapted to changing tastes – e.g. Fall Out Boy with new album M A N I A but Escape The Fate have been adamant in retaining their image.

Heading in to Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms, it’s evident that their fans are on the same page. A considerably large section of the crowd look as if they’ve rolled through Hot Topic while covered in glue, an interesting sight as it proves that despite hearsay, emo is still a subculture that is going strong. It might not have the same popularity as it once did, but Escape The Fate fans have pledged allegiance and don’t look as if they’re looking to back down any time soon.

The setlist boasted nothing from the band’s first album, Dying Is Your Latest Fashion, but this was unsurprising as it was an album released when Ronnie Radke was the band’s vocalist. Most of the set was from This War Is Ours, an album that is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary this year and the first record to feature current vocalist Craig Mabbit. Huge single ‘10 Miles Wide‘ featured early on and had the audience going wild, screaming every word back at the band.

The band’s sixth studio album, I Am Human, is set for release on March 30 and so the crowd were treated to a handful of tracks that had previously been unheard. ‘Do You Love Me‘ had a particularly good delivery, and fans reacted just as well this as they did the older fan-favorites.

A cover of My Chemical Romance‘s ‘Dead!‘ drew the main part of the set to a close, an interesting take on a classic song which was certainly well received. The following encore was short but sweet, and with that the gig was over and Escape The Fate had proved that despite hearsay, they still have the ability to put on an incredible performance and pack out a room with their dedicated following.

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