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The best electronic post-hardcore you’re bound to hear this side of the European continent is almost definitely going to come from four lads from Hertfordshire, better known as Enter Shikari. To prove they really can’t be contained by the industry or pinned down by a label, their latest venture sees them turn their latest album ‘The Mindsweep’ into a full-on remix album in the form of The Mindsweep: Hospitalised.

Obviously, anyone who has followed Enter Shikari throughout their wildly successful career will know that their electronic production has always gone up notch after notch, year after year, and with every album they treat us to a brand new level of their unique sound, inspired by rave culture, drum and bass and ‘90s dancefloor anthems. In that respect, The Mindsweep: Hospitalised probably won’t be much of a shock to the system for Shikari fans. With the post-hardcore aspect of their usual creations practically lifted entirely out, this album is pretty much a sound system album that is more likely to be heard in a club than a mosh pit.

Anaesthetist (Reso Remix)’ takes what could be considered one of the original album’s most electronically heavy tracks and somehow takes things one step further; with drops that any dub-step lover would approve of and an insane tempo structure this song would become almost unrecognizable, if it weren’t for the band’s lyrical political edge. ‘The Last Garrison (S.P.Y. Remix)’, perhaps their most popular recent release, is so far removed from the post-hardcore war-cry that is began as, instead becoming a track of intricate layers and unstoppable beats. ‘Dear Future Historians (London Elektricity Remix)’ starts off not all too dissimilar from the original, making us stop in our tracks; surely they aren’t going to leave the album’s poignant ballad untouched, are they? Of course not – the vocals are beautifully echoed, giving the song even more depth and heart, while the the tempo is brought up to a tolerably faster speed partway through.

This album is not for the post-hardcore fan in you and, if that’s what you love about Enter Shikari, maybe you should just cover your ears until the next album. ‘The Mindsweep: Hospitalised’ is for the party animal in you who just wants to do shots off the bar and dance relentlessly under the strobe lights until the hours.

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6 Rating

Release Date: 30th October 2015

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