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Enter Shikari Live At Alexandra Palace

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Ah, what could possibly be better than Enter Shikari live? If it’s not physically heading down to a gig, a live album is surely the next best thing. Love them or hate them, Enter Shikari are one of those bands we can all collectively agree put on a wicked live show. Back in February 2016, the St Albans band played their biggest headline show to date at London’s esteemed Alexandra Palace and for those who missed the monumental moment, the release of this live album is a) the next best thing b) a painful reminder of missing what sounds like an iconic night.

With a carefully crafted setlist that is bound to satisfy any fan the four-piece shift through their material, both old and new; a truly fine testament to what they’ve managed to build in the past ten years. It’s clear that their craft is something the band have continued to perfect over the  years, as oftentimes you forget that this is in fact a live album, with its top notch quality sounding like the result of multiple takes that make up the perfect recording – except more times than not this live version we’re hearing is a step further up.

From classics like ‘Sorry You’re Not A Winner’ to more recent favourites off The Mindsweep, to even a brief rendition of Robbie Williams‘Angels’, after an hour you feel absolutely exhausted – despite having only listened to the album from the comfort of your own bed. The only thing that would make this even better is a DVD accompaniment, but alas technical issues have resulted in this not being the case, leaving the rest to our own imagination. In any case, the band have managed to bring across the live energy they are infamous for without any visual backing, and that in itself needs to be applauded.

Our Rating

9 Rating

Release Date: 18th November 2016