Employed To Serve – The Warmth Of A Dying Sun | Album Review

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Far removed from being a two-piece playing in a small bedroom with big dreams, London’s Employed To Serve have a (to put it lightly)… abrasive style that when mixed with two high quality EP’s and debut album Greyer Than You Remember resulted in the flame of the mathcore mob being well and truly lit.

Sophomore record The Warmth Of A Dying Sun picks up where the band left off, however here the bands Converge esque sound seems to have experienced its fair share of growth and craft, it’s a sonic maturity that beams throughout the crushing 42-minute ensemble of speed that is this record.

Sometimes records can be summed up in a single word, and for The Warmth Of A Dying Sun – powerful would be specifically fitting. Not until final track on the album ‘Apple Tree’ is there any rest-bite from the truly breakneck fashioned hardcore that precedes it.

Venom surged tracks such as ‘Lethargy’  and ‘Never Falls Far’ hold crumbling amounts of weight to their sliding riffs and wincingly heavy vocals from Justine Jones  – so much so that they leave their mark with smoldering iron.

Known for their ability to make waves live, the breakdowns of ‘Good For Nothing’ and ‘Void Ambition’ are truly pulverizing and are absolutely certain to tear the walls down during Employed To Serve’s aggressive, no-nonsense live show.

The Warmth Of A Dying Sun is the very amalgamation of scintillating hardcore that bruises as much as it invigorates. Fans of Converge and Knocked Loose are set to find themselves an album here that imprisons its listeners in a vessel of slicing anger. It’s nothing short of a nod to how incredible hardcore can still be when done right, but it’s unlikely it’s going to be done this right again for a while.

Our Rating

8 Rating

Release Date: 19th May 2017