The Dreaming – Rise Again | Album Review

Source: Official Album Art

Source: Album Artwork

The Dreaming is the reunion of former Stabbing Westward’s members Christopher Hall and Walter Flakus. The Dreaming blends modern melodic rock with its more industrial cousin to create something that is both uniquely mechanical in sound, ultimately memorable in their choruses and melodies. Having already released two previous albums, Etched in Blood and Puppet, the band has now released their third album until the world Rise Again.

It is said that the third album is the make or break of any band. This is the opportunity to really make your mark on the market and to, and pardon the pun, rise through the ranks and become something bigger. Fail and you’ll more than likely languish in obscurity, albeit with a small band of devout fans. What Rise Again is, is a fantastically professionally sounding album, oozing with experience in the industry, but with the likes of ex-Static X bassist Brent Ashley laying down the foundations of an intensely industrial sound

Although through all the grit and industrial sound, there is something somewhat sterile when you really listen to Rise Again, there doesn’t seem to be much risk taken with the album, it almost feels too safe, too much of the realisation that this was the make-or-break album and in the end they’ve decided not to throw out a stinker instead of creating something altogether blinding. The album is decent, and tracks like Aloneand Afraid are both very good industrial tracks, and have enough layers piled on top of each other to really sink your teeth into, but there’s not much here to really find memorable.

When you’ve had the likes of Marilyn Manson releasing probably the best industrial album of the year so close to yours, it doesn’t exactly help your chances. Apart from a handful of really good moments, the entire thing seems almost forgettable. There’s nothing to really put down about this album, all round its decent, there are some nice memorable chorus’ and for fans of the industrial rock they’ll really get a kick out of it, but there’s something missing from it, a risk needs to be taken to make it really stand above the rest.

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