Dream State – Consequences | EP Review

Source: official album artwork

Source: Album Artwork

Dream State are, in the simplest possible terms, a rock band from South Wales. To simply pass them off as a rock band though would be like describing World War Two as “loud”. Rock is the category that they fit most aptly in to, but there is a good amount more to Consequences than a simple rehashing of Foo Fighters.

A lot of work has clearly been put into this EP. The songwriting, though simplistic in both presentation and execution, is nonetheless commendable. Straight-forward, no-nonsense rock music is pretty hard to fuck up anyway, and by hardly ever adding in any progressive or experimental elements, Dream State have created music which manages to be solid but not dull; enjoyable for the listener, but not game-changing to the scene.

Instead, Dream State focus their energies on, well, energy. Consequences is full to bursting with speed, passion and energy. What this does is turn what could so easily have been an expedition into middle-of-the-road rock music into a genuinely fun listen. The fact that this EP is only 6 tracks long may actually work in their favour – Dream State clearly still have quite a way to go and a lot more time and effort is needed for them to truly hone their (admittedly already quite impressive) talents to the point that they can avidly keep a listener’s attention through a longer space of time.

But for now, Consequences is fine. Not the best thing to have come out this year, certainly not a boring listen, but a decent enough way to spend half an hour. We will certainly be keeping an eye on these guys in the future.

Our Rating

6 Rating

Release Date: 20th November 2015