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Divide Embers

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Scotland’s latest great musical export comes in the form of Divide, whose brand of melodic rock shines bright in their new EP Embers, a glistening representation of the band’s potential. Since the band’s start in 2014, they’ve gone through quite a bit of a line-up change; but their return, with five new tracks in tow, will surely help the five-piece gain back some momentum.

As soon as we’re introduced to the EP’s opener ‘Before I Go’, it is evident that the band know how to pack a punch. From the get-go, Nicole Mason‘s powerhouse vocals is impossible to miss. Her energetic voice is full of attitude, adding that little something extra to the track’s catchy melody. We’re given plenty of chances to admire this, but it is especially apparent in the powerful ‘Sink This City’. A track that peels away at many different layers, it features a chorus you can’t get enough of – the kind that makes you want to do a little dance along as you sing all the words.

Divide has a specific sound that seems ready-made for some radio play, with each track consisting of that big moment; and so as the EP progresses it doesn’t get boring. Although catchiness is definitely a main driver behind the band, middle track ‘Catalyst’ gives a great idea of the many different sides of the band. Though there is no denying that their foundation is very strongly melody-driven, there are clear instances where edgier guitar riffs take centre stage. The massive chorus is complete with “hey” chants, making for one of the bigger moments on the EP.

Embers is a great mixture of tracks that provide a short but sweet introduction to the Glaswegian band that will no doubt be making waves in years to come. Whether it is a first encounter or getting reacquainted, Divide are a young band showcasing a lot of potential, and they are definitely a band you wouldn’t want to blink on.

Our Rating

7 Rating

Release Date: 24th November 2017