Deez Nuts – Word Is Bond | Album Review

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Dust off your new balance kicks and get those mosh shorts at the ready for the next instalment of Aussie hardcore from Deez Nuts. The new record, Word Is Bond is absolutely rammed with insane riffs and breakdowns with singer, JJ Peters laying down spitting some beautifully aggressive lines from start to finish. If you’re looking for a new album to kick back and chill too, you best look elsewhere. Cause frankly this album with tear your fucking head off.

Deez Nuts bring some classic hardcore to the table with this new release. Tracks like: ‘Behind Bars’‘Party At The Hill’ and ‘Wrong Things Right’ have enough power to knock out a charging rhino, and that power is consistent throughout the huge 14 song track list. Despite the sheer amount of songs, don’t think you’ll get bored, oh no. The sheer speed and aggression of each track makes the experience savagely satisfying. Pure mosh pit fuel!

So we are four albums in and Deez Nuts haven’t shown any signs of slowing down, which is fine by us! Who doesn’t love a bit of hardcore at the end of the day. The only nitpick we can give is that there isn’t much in terms of diversity, but what the hell man. Hardcore is hardcore if you don’t like it go home. Word Is Bond is definitely  home to some killer live tracks and we hope we get to hear them some time soon, see you in the pits lads.

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7 Rating