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Source: Album Artwork

Source: Album Artwork

Alternative trio The Decoy lure you in with their infectious melodies but lead you to no nasty surprises, well they’re from Wales but that’s not terrible just surprising. Reigning from Cwmbran the trio have already released a four track EP and have now released their debut album Avalon. This album is beautifully crafted with great attention to detail, some tracks more in depth than others but all with technical brilliance. Predicting such varying material from thrashy pop to power metal and more styles inbetween  is damn near impossible, and a hard thing to achieve at the best of times, The Decoy also achieve this in one song.

‘Black Mountain Radio’ contains several riffs of severely different characters each forming their own section and with inspection to the title their own radio station. Focus effects are also applied to the instrumentation at the beginning of the track to give the illusion that the sound has a weak signal – like poor tuning on a radio – before sounding strong and providing a strong impact. The track itself almost acts like promotional reel but in a track, the concept is extremely creative and has been executed superbly and blends surprisingly well and is not as disjointed as words may make it out to be.

There are many highlights to this album we would say the album as a whole is a highlight in itself but there are the tracks that stand above the already high barrier. Overall ‘Elizabeth’ has a very pop punk vibe but with technical extras and a muddy undertone. The intro however is the best part in my opinion which is a theme which is augmented later on where the vocal harmonies compliment each other beautifully before exploding with energy.

Remember that colourful xylophone we all seemed to have as a kid, imagine that sound being a higher caliber of sound in a melody which is way more bearable and obviously more pleasant than a scramble of joyous or lethal hits. Aptly named ‘kids’ The Decoy dull your senses with crazy offbeat rhythms leaving you wondering which way is up. Mood clams down for the vocal entry with a great reference of ‘Adventure Time’ and later on descends into a very dark section when guttural vocals are introduced to the album for the first time before returning to the sophisticated xylophone.

The Decoy are such a surprising band in the best kind of way. Exposing you to so many styles all mastered greatly, but the factor that stands out the most is their technicality but the ability to make it so infectious and sound simple but is no where near. An album you don’t want to miss.

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8 Rating

Release Date: 29th July 2016