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dark sky park

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Northern quartet Dark Sky Park, are doing something a little different with their alt-rock sound. They have such a wide variety of influences drawing from Black Sabbath, Ziggy Stardust and Stevie Nicks. This culminates in a dark, dirty sound, that is achieved without the over use of bass many would use to reach this effect. It’s also great to find an up and coming female lead band who look up to Ann Wilson of Heart, rather than the saturated trope of Hayley Williams pop-punk.

Conjure up an image in your head of a dark and dingy public park; a starless sky, the full moon barely seeping through the mist and clouds, your breath clouding in front of you as you wonder if you are alone or not. This is the image the band appropriately paint with their music.

Follow Me‘ is the opening and title track from the EP, and the highlight. There is a good display of vocal range, with some high note and layered harmonies in the chorus. The chord based and distorted guitar solo just adds to the creepy sound, which really just lives up to the bands name.

Bringing a stronger hint of metal to proceedings is ‘Stand My Ground‘, relying a lot more on dual guitar lines and stronger solos, Debbie Bilson‘s voice giving a rougher, grittier performance. All songs fall somewhere between metal and melancholy, giving a solid overall sound, but enough wiggle room for each track to be distinctive.

Follow Me is a strong EP with clear intent. The dirty sound is just enough to add the right edge but still small enough that you don’t lose any of the melody or lyrics in it. It’s something a little different and well worth a listen no matter what branch of rock you find yourself interested in.

Our Rating

7 Rating

Release date: 8th January 2016

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