Citizen – Bush Hall London – 05/10/2017 | Live Review

Citizen 2017

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It seems that recently Citizen have been progressing fast before our very eyes. Even with a constant state of reinvention it seems that whatever they’re doing, they’re doing it right and taking it a step further than we’re even expecting. Now with their third album As You Please out in the world, it’s become clear that Citizen are the best version of themselves that they’ve ever been; and it truly translates into their live set.

UK tours for Citizen are always quite seldom and dates are only ever a handful so it’s no surprise that the crowd was starting to get antsy when it was time for the band to get on stage. Kicking off the night is ‘Jet’, the punchy single off the band’s recent release and with it the room is almost instantly amassed with high energy.

Following through the same way it does on the album, the band move into the chillingly beautiful ‘In The Middle Of It All’, and on the eve of As You Please‘s release we catch a glimpse into the maturation the quintet have very quickly undergone over the past few years. That doesn’t mean that fans aren’t treated to some old-time favourites like the always heart-wrenching ‘The Night I Drove Alone’ as well as more recent crooner ‘Yellow Love’.

It’s particularly during these mellower songs that you truly see the connection Citizen have built with their fans, who oftentimes overtake Mat Kerekes‘ singing with their own belt out of the emotional lyrics. It’s clear that it’s a humbling experience for the band, who couldn’t help but being all smiles for a big portion of the night.

If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that the quintet truly wear their heart on their sleeves and it shows whether they are invoking strong feelings through their chilled out verses, or encouraging a stagedive as you shout along. Citizen has always been a delight in a live setting, and now even more so as they seem to have really grown into their skin.

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