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Chris Shifflet - West Coast Town

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Just in case being the lead guitarist in the Foo Fighters wasn’t enough for Chris Shiflett, he’s just released solo album number three – and West Coast Town is a tribute to his love of country and Americana, showing his true versatility as a musician.

Country music has always been a passion for Shiflett, and West Coast Town shows that he is very good at it. His solo country work has made him a hit in the Alt Country scene, and when you listen to West Coast Town you can see why. This raw, autobiographical album showcases his signature vocals and paired with some killer guitar work giving just the right mixture of honky tonk and Americana. This album transports you to Texas in a way that only Shiflett can.

Each song on this album was recorded in as little as two or three takes, which gives West Coast Town a stripped-back feel which suites the genre down to a tee. Album opener ‘Sticks And Stones’ is toe-tappingly good, with some relatable lyrics. The signature walking bassline in this song along with soft electric guitars licks make for very easy listening.

Title track ‘West Coast Town’ is a prime example of what Chris Shiflett is all about; he tells the story about his working-class upbringing, and the brutal honesty and charisma of his lyrics along with his smooth, melodic vocals make for a great track. But this album is so much more than stripped back country songs – the rockabilly and honky tonk elements of this album make it stand out; ‘Cherry’ is upbeat with some outstanding riffs and guitar work, and even for people who aren’t fans of country music, it will be hard not to appreciate this.

Let’s be honest, a lot of people aren’t huge fans of country music. But if this is the calibre of music coming out of the genre at the moment, a lot more people should be. Shiflett has produced a solid, catchy album in West Coast Town, and it makes us want to don a cowboy hat and some boots with spurs. Howdy, partner!

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7 Rating

Release Date: 14th April 2017