Broadside – Paradise | Album Review


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Pop punk quartet Broadside have just released their sophomore album Paradise, and we can tell you that it’s something special.

The album opens up with the bouncy, summer tune ‘Hidden Colors’—this upbeat summer vibe is present throughout the album. The lively tune features smooth, tuneful vocals, and playful, optimistic riffs. The song, though featuring the elements of a typical pop punk song, sounds more sophisticated than the usual pop punk track. The lyrics seem more poetic and well thought out. None of the vocals are nasally like that of a usual pop punk vocalist. Heck, instead of the standard pop culture references, the band mention Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting—you don’t get more sophisticated than that. Title track ‘Paradise’ is another catchy, sprightly tune that shares a message of following your passion and chasing your “paradise”.

‘Laps Around A Picture Frame’ goes down a different route with its moody, dark sound. The tune better resembles a riff-driven alt-rock ballad. The track highlights the band’s versatility and clever decision not to be tied down to one specific, inflexible genre. Delicate ballad ‘Summer Stained’, though differs in style and tone, shares a similar emotional narrative to the former.

Elsewhere, punchy rock track ‘Tunnel Vision’ showcases fluid, alluring vocals, and energetic, forceful refrains. The powerful instrumental work helps to create a dark charisma around the upbeat tune.

‘Who Cares?’ in terms of structure (and even lyrical content) probably resembles a standard pop punk track the most. The track isn’t bad by all means, we don’t think there is a bad song on this album, but it isn’t as exciting as the rest of the record—though it does have a moment or two of ukulele playing, and some killer vocals from Oliver Baxxter. The wonderfully titled, ‘I love you, I love you. It’s disgusting’ features a sweet ukulele-driven melody and even sweeter lyrics. The delicate love ballad sounds like it should be playing at every beach resort on every beautiful island. It’s one of our absolute favourites on the record.

Paradise feels like such a mature and well thought out record. And though the album has a clear summer sound, it has a solid mixture of upbeat, energetic pop punk tunes and emotional rock ballads.

The album also highlights just how skilled Broadside are at making meaningful and memorable tunes that don’t necessarily fall into the typical pop punk genre.

Broadside, we love you, we love you. It’s actually disgusting.

Our Rating

10 Rating

Release Date: 16th June 2017