Broadside – Camden Underworld – 22/09/2017 | Live Review


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Richmond quartet Broadside have been killing it these past few months. Their new album Paradise has been one of the most exciting releases of 2017 and we don’t doubt that they will only get bigger and better. And tonight, we get to see the quartet in full force at Camden’s Underworld.

The quartet hit the stage and open with newer track ‘Hidden Colors’. The crowd is already excited for the band as they scream and jump up and down to their infectious pop punk tunes. It’s clear to see that the stage is too small for Broadside—not only in terms of actual venue size, this is Underworld after all, but the huge, commanding presence of Broadside is too large for such a small, flimsy stage. (It also doesn’t help that members of the crowd keep getting on stage to crowd surf and sing into frontman Oliver Baxxter‘s mic.)

The band keeps the effervescent tunes coming as they play old tracks like ‘Storyteller’ and ‘Playing In Traffic’, which goes down incredibly well. Considering the fact that Broadside’s style of pop-punk is very different to main band Trash Boat‘s heavy approach, the crowd loves every second of this upbeat, summer-themed setlist.

Members of the crowd take turns jumping off the stage and into the arms of happy, overzealous concertgoers while the band play newer tracks ‘Paradise’ and moody ballad ‘Laps Around A Picture Frame’. Slow tunes or fast tunes: this crowd doesn’t care. They are loving every second of it, and we don’t blame them. Broadside are such a hypnotic band to watch. The incredible energy that they bring to a stage, and the giant presence that they naturally have, is enough to make anyone forget they are the supporting band.

Broadside, we’ve said it before, and after tonight, we’ll say it again and again: we love you, we love you. It’s disgusting.

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