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Fresh off their tour as main support to Creeper, Blood Youth are here with their second EP release Closure. Although only a four track EP, one of which is a one and a half minute intro track, there has been some rumblings coming out about this record, from both fans and media alike.

Perhaps this is because it is pretty fucking brilliant. Less than 100% unique, admittedly, but a good record nonetheless. There’s a lot of A Day To Remember here, particularly in some of the heavier moments – ‘Mood Swing‘ in particular harps back very much to Homesick-era ADTR. Kaya Tarsus‘ vocal delivery in particular is very reminiscent of Jeremy McKinnon, but imagine saying that and it being considered a bad thing because it absolutely is not.

The heavy parts like247 are conducted with a ferocity that wouldn’t be out of place on a The Ghost Inside or even Stray From The Path record, and even the clean singing moments like the chorus of ‘Mood Swing‘ still has that punk edge to it that makes what would be an unwelcome break in some good heavy riffing, that little bit more palatable to a heavier audience.

What Blood Youth show more than anything on this album though is promise. They demonstrate that they have a clear understanding of what kind of music they want to play, and they clearly have the ability to pull it off to a high standard. If they can release a 10 or 11 track full-length album with songs that are as consistently good as the tracks on this EP then there is absolutely no reason why Blood Youth couldn’t do this for a living.

Our Rating

7 Rating

Release Date: 11th March 2016

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