Blackberry Smoke – Holding All The Roses| Album Review

Source: Album Cover

Source: Album Cover

Prepare to let loose your inner Duke of Hazzard as US country rockers Blackberry Smoke return with their brand new album Holding All The RosesPull on your best cowboy boots and rock that flannel shirt because you’re in for a treat straight outta the deep south.

Holding All The Roses is a breath of fresh air into the modern rock scene. The whole record is positively brimming with personality and charm. With southern vocals so slick they give Willie Nelson a run for his money, lead singer Charlie Starr leads the pack through an album that has it all. We’re talking upbeat country rock tunes like ‘Let Me Help You (Find The Door)’ and slower relaxing ballads like ‘Woman In The Moon’. For such a niche genre of rock, it’s amazing how much diversity Blackberry Smoke show throughout the record.

This album is beautiful, it’s so chilled out and mellow yet unbelievably bad ass at the same time. This whole record is just screaming to be played through the stereo of a 1979 Dodge Charger as you blast down the highway on a summers eve, or to be the soundtrack of a chilled night at the pub whilst you sink a few beers. Complete no nonsense chill out music, that should be the slogan for this album. Blackberry Smoke are guaranteed to claim a big spot in your summer playlist this year. Congrats on a brilliant album guys, we adore it. Yeehaw!

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