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Progressive hardcore quartet Black Peaks, hailing from Brighton, are set to release their highly anticipated debut album Statues via Easy Life/Sony Red. It’s by no means a stretch to say that Black Peaks’ sound is unlike any other out there at the moment. Their creative mastery of genre is clear, they’ve managed to produce an impressively cohesive album seamlessly melting progressive rock, metal and hardcore together – it’s a delight to listen to. The band are currently playing a March/April headline tour with support from the mighty Palm Reader and Toska, you don’t want to miss this, so grab a ticket.

The opening track ‘Glass Built Castles’ commences with a killer riff, tight fast paced drums and Will Gardner’s coarse yells. It’s not what you’re expecting though, the track builds before cutting out and submerging you in a much calmer, serene melodic sound. It’s like that moment when the water goes over your head and all the sounds warp around you. The track has a real impact, the fierce aggression that sets up the beginning of the song is extinguished and the song melts beautifully into absolute melodic tranquillity. Not forgetting to mention the chorus, it’s brilliantly anthemic.

‘Crooks’ heavily features atmospheric melodic guitar riffs and the shift between clean and harsh vocals is hard hitting. ‘Say You Will’ has a similar effect, but the slow paced drums really draw the song out and compliment Gardner’s vocals. The abrasive guitar riff at the beginning of ‘Hang Em High’ quickly rolls into a progressive rock track with some really interesting riffs. It’s the longest track on the album, standing at 7 minutes, but it’s experimental and doesn’t fail to keep your attention by audaciously jumping to and from various genres.

‘White Eyes’  will sound huge live. Like many tracks on the album, it’s unpredictable and they’re trampling on the conventional tick box genres. Sonically, it feels like it’s going in several different directions at the same time, which is pleasantly chaotic.

Statues is nothing short of brilliant, it’s experimental and oozes creativity. Black Peaks are in their element throughout the album and their sound is unlike any we’ve heard for a while. The band are difficult to define, they have a tendency to throw you in the direction of heavy and then abruptly launch you off into the direction of progressive melodic rock, but it’s done commendably. It might take you a few listens to get into, but the eccentric album gets more impressive each time.

Our Rating

8 Rating

Release Date: 8th April 2016

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