Black Orchid Empire Take On London On The Eve Of Their Debut Album Release | Live Review

Black Orchid Empire

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It was cold. It was wet. It was dark. The perfect kind of day to head down to Tufnell Park’s very own intimate venue Boston Music Rooms. Inside, a very different scene, as Black Orchid Empire prepare for their set and illuminated the room with blinding neon lights. The London-based trio hit the stage on the eve of their debut album release Archetype, ready to captivate their hometown with the powerful riffs and incredibly catchy choruses they’ve got in tow.

The atmosphere at a Black Orchid Empire show is full of controversies, between the devil horns that made regular appearances throughout the night, to the pair who girls who literally did not stop dancing for a second during the set (kudos to you!) Evidently, the band have already won themselves quite a few fans, though not sold out the crowded room remains a testament to that. And it’s not hard to understand why. For a first time listener, Black Orchid Empire are highly accessible. There’s no nonsense, just straight to the point rock goodness.

Like a lovechild between Biffy Clyro and Royal Blood, we love the way Black Orchid Empire effortlessly seam between heavy and melodic. They have no trouble bringing it across in their live performance either, whether it is on heavy anthem-ready ‘God Is Awake’, or even more sombre moments like the aptly titled ‘Melancholia’. Keeping the eager attendees at Boston Music Rooms entertained for a good hour – even with the addition of an extra song at the end of the set – it’s fair to say that the night was a success for all.

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