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After relentlessly touring since the release of their EP ‘Destroy’ back in 2014 with big hitters such as Feed The Rhino, Heck, While She Sleeps and The Xcerts, Croydon trio Bad Sign have been able to attain a whole lot of experience for a band still in their formative years. It’s a wealth of experience that many young bands in their position crave, but not many achieve.

Debut full LP ‘Live & Learn’ is a record that gives the three-piece a chance at showing the masses what they’re made of, and it’s adequately named. Produced by Neil Kennedy (Creeper, Milk Teeth) who seems to be somewhat of a go-to for young British bands at the moment (and understandably so), Live & Learn has a taste of industry lying within its charms, albeit not quite as much as some of Kennedy’s other recent projects; but more than enough to sink your teeth into.

At times bringing with it an alt-rock vibe along the lines of As Lions and at others having a tinge of Royal Blood in its thicker, edgier songs – Live & Learn doesn’t tend to stick to a rule set throughout its twelve track ensemble of rock and punch.

Although it’s not quite home to a game-changing anthem or a song that could stand as a beacon for Bad Sign’s future, Live & Learn still gives a platform for pacing melodic tracks such as ‘Intermission’ and ‘Attrition’ that afford the trio the chance to flex their muscles, who despite being a three-man band – sound huge throughout.

It’s tracks such as ‘Covenant’ and ‘Closure’ which will give Bad Sign a base to grow from here, with more of a focus on depth and interesting changes of pace that show that the Croydon three piece know how to piece together a track that can slightly differ from the norm.

Live & Learn is a record which builds a base for Bad Sign to build upon, already building experience in front of a live crowd – the trio seem to still be waiting for magic to strike in a recording studio. Not a record that should be expected to light an explosion, but there’s enough here to at least keep interest in the band flowing.

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Release Date: 14th July 2017