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Altar Bridge

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Right now we’re in the midst of a troubled time – political turmoil has pushed frustrations to an all time high and we’re utterly disillusioned by the bleak nonsensical state of the world. Alter Bridge’s fifth effort, The Last Hero, directly addresses our pressing political concerns and worldly wrath, but does so in a way that’s bursting with optimism and hope for the future, making the album a motivational listen.

First single ‘Show Me A Leader’ is a plea for confident, effective political leadership. The infectious energy and vigour of Myles Kennedy’s vocals transform this opening track into an explosive anthem, one seeping with passion. The majestic guitar riffs, tremolo picking and huge hooks create a mammoth opening sound that does nothing but uplift you. It’s purpose is poignant and “the words call out for a proper leader”, cohesion and unity. No more senseless divides.

Heavy crisp toned guitar riffs in tracks like The Writing On The Wall’, ‘The Other Side’ and ‘Poison In Your Veins’ reinforce just why Alter Bridge have an edge against other rock bands – they’re heavier and shred harder than most acts you’ll hear these days. Infectious opening riff of powerhouse track ‘My Champion’ fills you with positive energy. Lyrics like “you gotta keep fighting and get back up again” inspire a sense of determination, and the vivacious guitar solo hooks will be definite crowd pleasers.

Slowing down the pace and incorporating clean melodic guitar parts in tracks like ‘Cradle To The Grace’ and ‘You Will Be Remembered’ draws attention to the bands versatility and ability to create hard rock anthems, as well as calmer more contemplative ones. Kennedy’s mellow vocals become something of a focal point and erupt with palpable emotion.

Despite sounding slightly repetitive at times, Alter Bridge have created a commendable album with kickass shredding, sturdy vocals and dynamic drum riffs resulting in a momentous sound – one that you’ve got to hear.

Our Rating

8 Rating

Release Date: 7th October 2016