10 Months On From Cauterize, Tremonti Tear Into 2016 With Dust | Album Review

Source: Album Cover

Source: Album Cover

With the release of Tremonti‘s third studio album Dust just on the horizon, it’s safe to say that Mark Tremonti has become far more than just one of the best rock guitarists of the modern age. Blossoming into a titanic front man for one of the globe’s fastest growing names in modern metal is no easy task. However when you have the talent and sheer balls to create an opus as pleasing as this one, you can just feel the righteousness buzzing around inside your ear canals. Are we looking at the best work to come from Tremonti as of yet?

Arriving on the scene less than a year after the band’s second effort Cauterize, it’s easy to fall into the train of thought that Dust has perhaps come too soon. However, we can assure you that this record is no half assed rushed effort. Dust is explosive from the off with the riff monster that is ‘My Last Mistake’ leading the charge, showcasing the immense guitar work from both Tremonti himself and fellow guitarist Eric Friedman. ‘The Cage’ has a colossal chorus, full of melody and raw power. Mark Tremonti’s singing voice is god-like to say the least. Almost like the ying to Alter Bridge band mate Myles Kennedy‘s vocal yang. Dust allows Mark Tremonti to use the entirety of his incredible vocal range. From powerful heartfelt lines of the album’s title track, to the roaring bellows of ‘Once Dead’, there aren’t many singers out there who’ve honed their vocal chords to this level of brilliance. If you don’t believe that statement, ‘Unable To See’ will soon change your mind.

Tremonti continue to raise the bar with each album they send our way. The writing is sensational and some of the music on this record is just phenomenal. Take the huge doomy riff on ‘Catching Fire’ for example, that is some next level shit and we’re begging to see if explode live on stage. Overall then, Dust has it all. Power, emotion and jaw to the floor levels of badassery. For all that to be crammed into 10 tracks is quite an effort, although everything has its own place and nothing feels disconnected which is great. We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves by saying we want new material right away. We’ve got more than enough Tremonti to keep us going for the time being. Although at the rate these guys churn out albums we might end up seeing a new record on the horizon sooner than we thought, what do you say Mark? Joking aside great work on the new record, it’s such a banger. We’re pretty certain Mark Tremonti suffers from: “UnableToWriteABadSongItus” a very serious disorder for the most talented of musicians.

Our Rating

9 Rating

Release date: 29th April 2016

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