Will “Silvertooth” Make Way For A Rise Of Mash Up Bands?



Source: Warped Tour Twitter

Warped Tour just seems like the place to be every summer. This year there was a special appearance by Silvertooth, the wonderful result of what happens when Silverstein and Beartooth join forces. As you can imagine, it is one hell of a supergroup, that not only do we wish were a real touring band but it also got us to thinking of all the mash up bands we wish existed!


Bring Me The Sleep

After supposedly putting their “beef” behind them, While She Sleeps featured fellow Sheffield rocker Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon on their latest album. Having seen how much fans loved the track ‘Silence Speaks’ as well as the live reaction it sparked, it’s got us wishing that they would just form a Steel City supergroup.