With A Brand New Track Release Here Are Why We Are Glad Letlive Are Back

Source: Promo Image

Source: Promo Image

Forming in 2002 Letlive – the band who don’t fit into any specific genre – are back with some great material. The last time we heard anything new from these guys was back in 2013 when they released The Blackest Beautiful, the year where the true purpose of the ‘hashtag’ was discovered and the genius of screaming goat videos.

Now this year has been made better with the upcoming release of If I’m The Devil. Now releasing 2 tracks to give you a sneak peak of the highly anticipated album. The first track released was the politically edged ‘Good Morning America’ and they have now released ‘Reluctantly Dead’ which combines soul and rock together and is on a different page to the other single.

This is one reason why we’re so glad that Letlive are back, they bring the unexpected with lyrical content with punk ideals and unlikely stylic combinations. We’ve missed their deep explorative lyrics, looking into humanity as a whole and how it isn’t always what we expect. To promote their new album to the masses, Letlive will be headlining their tour over June, it would be great to see their raw energy back on stage again.

Check out their new track right here