While She Sleeps Make The Best Of A Bad Situation At Warped Tour USA

Source: PR

Source: PR

You’ve been given the opportunity to play Warped Tour, possibly the longest running yearly tour, and you’ve managed to get everything into the country. Yet on day one, you find one of your key components is having trouble getting in and getting to the festival. This is the problem that While She Sleeps have faced in the US as their lead singer Loz Taylor is struggling to enter the country.

The easy route would have been just to cancel the shows up until he manages to get there and more than likely disappoint a number of fans who have made their way to see you. The other option, and the one taken by the remaining members of While She Sleeps, ask for a few guest appearances from some other incredible bands and give the fans a show different from everything else.

With help from Caleb Shomo (Beartooth), David Stephens (We Came As Romans), Daniel Wand (Capsize) and the crowd themselves, they managed to get a set covered to the best of their ability, and will leave a lasting impression on any fan that still went to the set.

You can check out a fan recording of the set below: