Underoath – Rapture | First Impressions


Source: Promo Image

Hardcore rock crew Underoath have just dropped their new single ‘Rapture’.

The dark, pulsating track is taken from their upcoming sixth album Erase Me. And the tune already has Underoath fans talking!

The song is clearly receiving some mixed reviews from fans. But a majority of them feel the way that we do–it’s not a bad song by any means. It just doesn’t feel particularly Underoath-esque. (A lot of people have been making a comparison to Spencer Chamberlain‘s other band Sleepwave.)

The song’s punchy riffs, industrial flourishes, and energetic vocals have all the makings of a decent rock track, but this isn’t exactly what we were expecting from the band.

Is this their new musical direction? We’re not sure yet. I guess we’ll have to listen to Erase Me and find out.