Steel Panther Give Kanye A ‘Shocker’ After His Latest Display Of Douchebaggery

Source: Promo

Source: Promo

The music world shared a moment of collective thought this week in regards to a certain egotistical rap artist. Yup you guessed it, we are once again talking about Kanye West. Seriously when is he going to fucking learn? Well hopefully after he got absolutely schooled by comedy heavy metal legends Steel Panther.

Similarly to his stunt at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards where Yeezus *sigh* had a pop at Taylor Swift, this time Kanye had his sights set on ruining Beck’s night by interrupting his acceptance speech after his album Morning Phase won album of the year. Kanye once again was banging on about Beyonce stating that Beck’s victory over her recent self-titled album was disrespectful to “the craft” of music.

As we all face palmed at the news, the leopard print legends Steel Panther took the opportunity to create a little video response to the infamous rap star. Frontman Michael Starr sang a heartfelt little song entitled ‘Kanye’ which angelically referred his music to sounding like “hamster turds” with the aid of a beautiful piano backing track. Steel Panther also hilariously called out West for sounding like a “donkey fart” as well as stating “Beck should kick you in the nuts with steel-toed boots to make it right”. Absolute genius.

We’re all wondering if Kanye is going to give Steel Panter a response to their latest antics, although they’re no strangers to calling out celebs who are in the wrong, just listen to ‘Just Like Tiger Woods’. Steel Panther hit the UK next month after their show at Australia’s Soundwave Festival in a few weeks time. Steel Panther have seven shows lined up for the UK alongside Skindred and The Lounge Kittens, have you got your tickets? You might even get to see ‘Kanye’ performed live!