Slam Dunk Announce Trash Boat As Fresh Blood Winners.

Source: Band Shot

Source: Band Shot

Slam Dunk have been running a competition in order to bring the paying public more into the job of choosing which bands they wish to see at the three location festival. This year, in conjunction with Kerrang!, fans got to choose from a list of bands their favourite for one of the final positions on the line-up.

The list included Boy Jumps Ship, The Hype Theory, Trash Boat, Zoax, Palm Reader, Astroid Boys, La Fontaines, Dead!, Crooks, and out of all that talent Trash Boat rose above the rest and managed to win that honoured position on the all but finished line-up.

We recently wrote an article on why you need to go and check out this band at this year’s Download Festival, and if choosing them out of so many bands isn’t enough to make you want to check them out, how’s about some words from the band as well?

We’re genuinely stunned to find out we won the slot to open the Fresh Blood stage and play the mighty Slam Dunk this year! Thanks to all of you beautiful people who took the time out of your days to give a shit about us, come holla at ya boyz so we can give you all big sloppy kisses!”

Remember when we said the line-up was all but complete? Well there is one more band yet to announce, a super secret band on the Monster Stage is set to be announced. Keep your eyes peeled here for when that comes about.