Lamb Of God Unveil New Song ‘Overlord’ And Departure From Their Familiar Sound

Source: Official Promo

Source: Official Promo

American metal heavyweights Lamb Of God have revealed the official music video for their new song ‘Overlord’, the second track to be released from their upcoming seventh album VII: Sturm Und Drang, which is due for release on July 24th via Nuclear Blast.

‘Overlord’ sees the band experiment with a new take on their revered sound. Featuring clean vocals and lyrics penned by vocalist Randy Blythe, the first half of the song has an almost 90s grunge feel, before returning to the Lamb Of God we know and love with a riff that’ll have you headbanging and raising a horned hand salute.

The video for ‘Overlord’ was directed by Jorge Torres-Torres, though as Randy Blythe explains, it was the frontman himself who came up with the concept.

“For years I’ve wished that I could have a movie camera directly linked to my brain so that some of the ideas I see in my mind’s eye could be translated into film for others to watch,” Blythe begins. “I came up with the idea and wrote the treatment for this video myself- to see Jorge (director) take my concept, add his own touches, and use his technical know-how to translate my “mental script” into a suitably dark visual narrative is just an awesome, awesome experience for me.”

“Overlord”, Blythe explains, is about “the dangers of self-obsession in our distressingly myopic and increasingly entitled “me-now/now-me” culture; just like the couple in the video, many people can’t seem to look past their own relatively small problems to see the bigger picture: the world is in serious trouble.”

Have a watch of the video below and let us know what you think of Lamb Of God‘s change in musical direction!