Jimmie Strimell Explains Asking Alexandria Frontman Rumors

Source: Official Facebook

Source: ‘Official’ Facebook

Since Danny Worsnop left Asking Alexandria back in January, speculation has been rife as to who would fill the vacant spot. Former Dead By April frontman Jimmie Strimell was linked to the band after a Tweet went out reading:

“I am very pleased to say I will be joining@AAOfficial I am so stoked guys! This is a brand new chapter!”

But Strimell recently told Metal Insider –

“I just found out that a tweet by someone calling himself Jimmie Strimell has made a joke on my behalf and may be causing Asking Alexandria some problem as well … I’m sorry about that – but I can assure you that it was not me. People start profiles in my name on a lot of social media sites … So, as you all know now, I am not the new singer of Asking Alexandria, and never claimed to be.”

The fake account has since tweeted “I was joking guys, chill” , which, with the real Strimell’s testimony, puts this rumor well and truly to rest.