Here’s Why We’re Excited For The New Real Friends Album

Source: Official Band Wesbite

Source: Promp Image

The pop-punkers from Chicago, Real Friends, have announced details of their new album – the follow up to 2014s Maybe This Place Is The Same and We’re Just Changing. 

The album is the band’s second LP release and will be called The Home Inside My Head. It’s due to be released via Fearless Records on May 27th.

So what details have the band released to get our ear buds tingling?

1) The Album Artwork

realfriends_album2artfullThe artwork seems to have followed the same theme as the debut album artwork – furniture.

It’s simple but we like it. It’s kind of mysterious and the empty frames are pretty creepy.

There’s a song on the album called ‘Empty Picture Frames’ and we have a sneaking feeling that this is part of the artwork choice – just makes us more excited to here that song!



2) The Tracklisting

Although a track listing doesn’t mean much to most people before hearing the song, we just love playing the guessing games at what the songs might be about and which ones might be our favourites! Here’s the list:

  1. Stay In One Place/ 2. Empty Picture Frames/ 3. Keep Lying To Me/ 4. Scared To Be Alone/ 5. Mokena/ 6. Mess/ 7. Isolating Everything/ 8. Well, I’m Sorry/ 9. Basement Stairs/ 10. Door Without A Key/ 11. Eastwick/ 12. Colder Quicker

3) They’ve streamed a new song from the album

That’s right. Real Friends have been lovely enough to stream one of the songs from the album. It’s called ‘Colder Quicker’ and, honestly, we just love it.

Thankfully, the track is just what you expect and want from the band; it’s emotive, intense and filled with unbelievably catchy hooks that we can’t get enough of.

Seriously, give this track a listen below and hear for yourself why you should be so excted for The Home Inside My Head.