First Impressions Of Senses Fail – New Jersey Makes, The World Takes

Senses fail

Source: Promo Image – Tyler Ross

Post-hardcore crew Senses Fail have just released their new single ‘New Jersey Makes, The World Takes’, and we are loving every second of it!

The song is taken from their upcoming album If There Is Light, It Will Find You, which is set for release on the 16th February.

The song juxtaposes its energetic melody with its sadder lyrical content and addresses addiction and loss.

We gotta say, ‘New Jersey Makes, The World Takes’ is extremely catchy. The guitar riffs alone are enough to keep you hitting the repeat button again and again. Frontman Buddy Nielsen‘s pop-punk-esque vocals aid the tune in its flawless execution of an infectious, melodious and poignant post-hardcore song.

Check out the tune below and join us in this:

elvira, mistress of the dark