First Impressions Of Saint PHNX – One


Glaswegian brothers Saint PHNX have just released their new single ‘ONE’.

“ONE was the first song we wrote together when we started the band,” says frontman Stevie Junkes. “It set the tone for our style of music – both in the lyrics and the sound. It encapsulated the emotion Alan and I shared starting a new project together as brothers with big dreams and an air of confidence in what we wanted to create and achieve with our music.”

If ‘One’ is the essence of the band’s style, then Saint PHNX is all about soaring, uplifting anthems.


Nicki Minaj

The song is definitely something we can hear being played on radios and TVs everywhere. The melodious track features bubbly vocals, the sounds of a rhythmic clap-along and cohesive, and rational, synthy sounds. It’s too catchy to miss.

Check it out here and join us in this:


And a little bit of this…

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