Fall Out Boy Are Back With ‘Young And Menace’ and It’s A Sensory Overload

Source: Promo Image

After a week of incessant teasing, pop-punk veterans Fall Out Boy have confirmed a new album, tour, and dropped a single ‘Young and Menace’.

Check out the purple-tinged, sensory overload below:

The album M A  N   I   A is due for release on September 15, just ahead of their US tour which will kick off in Ohio on October 20.

The band announced M A  N   I   A alongside a hand-written note from bassist Pete Wentz.

He writes, “The gentle pull of a tide that rolls over and over again and by the sheer nature of its essence becomes an indestructible will, ripping out sand, eroding what was before it without a care… A transformational monster – the madness and frenzy of a truly bulletproof wave… I’m not just here for your love I’m here for all of the love. The never sleeping, never blinking – caught forever in the sunshine riptide.”

They also revealed that $1 from each ticket sale on their upcoming tour will go to the Fall Out Boy Fund. The fund aims to give back to charities in their hometown of Chicago.

As is typical for Fall Out Boy, ‘Young And Menace’ isn’t quite what we were expecting. The track is pop through and through, with metaphor-fueled lyrics and an explosive, electric drop.

Here’s what their fans are saying:

It’s mixed reviews so far, boys.