DALES – Cool + Bulletproof | First Impressions

Ex-The Summer Set vocalist Brian Logan Dales might not be in everyone’s good books right now, but that hasn’t stopped him from releasing music in his new band, DALES. Yes, he really named his band after himself…

His first single ‘Young For The Summer‘ was released just over a year ago, and it caused quite the stir as The Summer Set hadn’t actually announced their split to seal their fate yet. ‘Girls On Their Phones‘ and ‘Chateau‘ followed, and then just last week DALES released an EP entitled Demos which featured those three songs plus two new ones – ‘Cool‘ and ‘Bulletproof‘.

With the latter, ‘Bulletproof‘, it seems like Dales is trying his very best to distinguish himself as a solo artist away from The Summer Set. Gone are the tooth-achingly sweet melodies and happy-go-lucky lyrics, replaced by face-melting guitar riffs and jaded words to boot. ‘Cool‘ on the other hand is more akin to what people would expect from him based on his past experience.

Truth be told, after listening to these tracks… he probably should’ve stuck to what he knew.