Corey Taylor’s Going To Be On QI – Here’s 5 Other Rockers We Think Would Be Awesome On The Show!

Corey Taylor

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Is there no end to Corey Taylor‘s talents?!

Following his ‘appearance’ on Doctor Who in September last year voicing an alien warlord, Taylor has teamed up with the Beeb once again to appear on popular TV show QI. The famously opinionated Slipknot frontman will join Aisling Bea, Alan Davies and Ross Noble on the panel.

Whilst we wait for what promises to be an unmissable episode to air, we thought we’d speculate on which other members of rock royalty we’d like to see have their wits put to the test on the show.

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Source: Facebook Page

Ozzy Osborne

Watching the other panellists and presenter Sandi Toksvig receiving the end of Ozzy’s sharp tongue would be absolute gold. There’s a great chance that the Black Sabbath frontman wouldn’t know what was going on half the time, but that would make it all the more brilliant to watch.

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