Tremonti – Bringer Of War | First Impressions

Source: Promo Image

Heavy metal trio Tremonti are back with another single – the third from their upcoming fourth studio album A Dying Machine. The album is due for release via. Napalm Records on June 8.

The band, comprised of namesake Mark Tremonti on vocals, Eric Friedman on guitars, and Garret Whitlock on drums, released the lyric video for ‘Bringer Of War’ on May 11.

The single, which is part of the first concept album of Tremonti’s career, opens with quiet, quick drum beats, which rapidly amp up in volume to complement the melodic, busy track we’ve come to expect from the band.

At exactly five minutes long it’s not a track destined for the radio charts, but as part of a concept album it’s clearly something Tremonti wanted to work as a fragment of the overall story.

It’s nothing too obscure – relying on repetitive hooks and classic riffs – but it works great for the audience they’re trying to appease. It’s difficult to judge without the album in front of us, but the single leaves us optimistic for what’s to come.

What the lyric video below.