Skindred – Big Tings | First Impressions


Source: Promo Image

Welsh reggae-metal titans Skindred have just dropped a new track from their seventh album Big Tingswhich is out on 27th April 2018.

The new song is the title track to the album and it comes with a fancy new lyric video, which you can watch below.

According to drummer Arya Goggin, Big Tings is about the duality of having a burning, driving ambition (or ideas above your station) whilst being continually set back and plagued by your demons, vices, bad habits and neurosis and so on.”

The track itself features a pounding beat and filthy guitar riff that has got to be one of the most danceable things we’ve heard in a while. Just try and sit still while listening to it, we dare you. On top of that, it has a soaring, anthemic chorus which we can imagine will sound pretty massive at Skindred’s live shows.

Speaking of which, you can catch Skindred on their Start the Machine’ UK tour which commences next month with supports CKY and Danko Jones. Check the band’s website for full details and tickets.