Rival Bones – Scars | First Impressions

rival bones

Source: Promo Image

Northwest two-piece Rival Bones have just released a high-octane new track titled ‘Scars’. The duo take inspiration from the likes of Audioslave, Queens of the Stone Age, Death From Above and Rage Against the Machine to create their blistering sound.

James Whitehouse (guitar and vocals) explained the meaning behind the song: “Scars is about finding comfort in someone who is just as damaged as you. You may both not be in the right place, but the fact that you’re both there gives you some form of escape and maybe even lets you revel in the fact you’re both that way.

The infectiously groovy combination of humongous riffs and a badass chorus will appeal to metalheads and riff-lovers alike. If you’re anything like us you’ll be headbanging for days after hearing this. Check out the official video below: