First Impressions Of Too Close To Touch’s ‘Burn’

The end of January has brought great things including ‘Burn‘, the new track from Kentucky, USA rockers Too Close To Touch. The final installment of a three-song series, that kicked off last year with the release of ‘Leave You Lonely‘ and ‘Before I Cave In‘. The band’s previous endeavours include last year’s Vans Warped Tour, a UK tour in support of Set It Off and U.S. tours with Issues, and Waterparks.

Burn‘ begins on a softer note, but it’s when the vocals from frontman Keaton Pierce begin that the excitement really begins. The high pitch of them is not all that different from the likes of Tyler Carter, making it clear why Too Close To Burn were a perfect match to tour with Issues.

Lyrically beautiful and complete with a huge chorus, it’s a fresh take on a genre that hasn’t had much in the way of fresh talent emerge as of late. With content like this, it’ll be unsurprising if Too Close To Touch become a favourite for music fans of all kinds in 2018!