Top Five Moments of the 2017 UK Festival Season


We can’t believe it’s been a few months since the last festival passed us by. Hold your sobs and dry your wellies, music lovers but from Glastonbury, to DownloadReading & Leeds, there’s little doubt that this year has been a great one.

But although grass is sprouting back on the fields once littered with paper pints and smothered in glitter, not all is lost. Let’s take a look back at the top moments of this year’s festival run.

Here are our top five: [/tps_header]

1. Radiohead at Glastonbury Festival

There’s something magical about Worthy Farm in the heat of summer. Add 150,000 festival-goers, 80+ venues, and a myriad of impressive artists, and it’s not difficult to understand why.

Exhibit A: Radiohead, arguably the very best alternative rock band to hail from the 1980s. And when you give a band like Radiohead the headline slot at a festival this extraordinary you know you’re in for something special.

The band’s 25-song set was incredible– Thom Yorke and the crew beginning in a low-key, balladic style. At this point the screens are black, the tone is serene, and the crowd is surprisingly calm.

But when those screens do come on, portraying alien-eqsue images of the band overlaid with each other, shapes, and member of the crowd, things turn up a notch, then another, and another until they’ve pushed through their second encore and swiftly exited the stage.