Weekly Music Video Roundup, Featuring Lovely Videos By The Maine, Black Orchid Empire And More

The Maine

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Yet another week with some great new music videos by some of our favourite bands. In case you haven’t had the time to keep up with these new releases, here’s something to occupy yourself with for the weekend. So without further ado..

The Maine – Am I Pretty?
Arizona band The Maine have released a very important music video this week for ‘Am I Pretty?’; a kind reminder that we’re all beautiful in our own ways, despite whatever scars we may have. The video features some very touching stories, but leave it to The Maine to bring out their kooky side – you’re guaranteed to crack a smile by the end of the song.

Ashestoangels – Not In My Name
It is a rejection of all the horrible things that are done by those we trusted to protect us, on a global scale, a national scale and in our day to day life,” vocalist Crilly of the goth-punk band explains the meaning behind their latest track from the forthcoming album How To Bleed, due to be released 15th April 2016.

Black Orchid Empire – God Is Awake
London trio Black Orchid Empire have just released their second single, as featured on the band’s debut album. The music video features the band performing live, as well as a prequel to the storyline of the video for their first single ‘Come In’. In ‘God Is Awake’, we witness how one man is driven to insanity. If you have the time, we recommend watching both videos!

Boston Manor – Gone
Following their signing with Pure Noise Records last year, Boston Manor released the stunning EP Saudade. Taken off said EP is ‘Gone’, a track that now comes accompanied by a gritty, home video styled music video. The band is currently out on tour with Knuckle Puck and Seaway, so be sure to check them out when they head your way!

Mayday Parade – Letting Go
Leave it to Mayday Parade to have us feeling all emo. In their latest video ‘Letting Go’, we see Derek Sanders and co. melancholically playing the ballad in what seems like the aftermath of a farewell party.

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