This Week We Discovered Beach Slang, And They Could Well Be Your New Favourite Band!

Beach Slang

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In a time where alternative music can necessarily become a little bit stale and not particularly hot on new ideas, it can be rather difficult to find a band that are doing something completely fresh compared to the rest of its contemporaries. Strenuously looking through playlists and blogs in order to discover a new band, you can often find yourself listening to a lot of material that makes you want to go to sleep or potentially attempt to pierce your ear drums with a skewer as an act of mercy. But alas there is a diamond within every rough.

Ladies and gentlemen, may we introduce you to the excellence of Beach Slang.

Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, Beach Slang are a four individuals who play an extremely revitalising form of punk rock that incorporates the energy and upbeat shine of pop punk, and the bloody toothed grit of raw punk rock and roll. That being said, the members of Beach Slang all previously had minor successes in their previous bands such as pop-punk band Weston, alternative rock act Ex-Friends, and indie / alternative act Crybaby.

What is even more impressive is that these guys have developed a truly astounding reputation and profile in the past couple of years, and only on the strength of their two 2014  7″ vinyl EPs Cheap Thrills On A Dead End Street, and their latest effort Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken?.

Beach Slang’s sound could be musically and vocally compared to that of legendary American alternative rock band The Replacements, mixed with the musically upbeat high-tempo rhythms and energy of Red City Radio, and maybe a little bit of Chuck Ragan thrown in for good measure. But what Beach Slang are doing right now is providing a truly welcome breath of fresh air in to a rather stagnant part of the alternative music spectrum. This has also been further highlighted by being invited out on tour in the USA with legendary American rock band Cursive, and also recently signing to influential independent record label Polyvinyl earlier this year – also home to artists like American Football, Alvvays, and Deerhoof.

Beach Slang are going to be embarking on a UK tour in May which you can find out more here, but in the meantime we urge you to check out this incredible track called ‘Filthy Luck‘ from their latest EP. May this whet your appetites in time for their debut album which is due to drop later this year!