The Ultimate Summer Rock Playlist


It seems like the first (and hopefully not last) heatwave of the summer has come to an end, but it got us thinking about the perfect songs that get you in the mood for hanging out in the sunshine.

We’re sure that the sunshine is going to come back, and that we have a lot of summer left to enjoy, so we’ve put together 16 songs to get you in the summer spirit.

If the warm weather doesn’t return, you can always rely on these songs to brighten up even the greyest, coldest days!

Here’s our ultimate summer rock playlist!

Paramore – Hard Times

Paramore’s first single off their brand new album is so upbeat and funky, it’s hard not to get some serious summer vibes from it! ‘Hard Times’ is light and breezy, and it’s pretty hard to sit still when you hear it, so it’s perfect for those summer parties you wish would never end!