Tigers Jaw Made Their Return This Year And They’re Stronger Than Ever

Tigers Jaw 2017 Promo Image

Source: Promo

In many ways, the band Tigers Jaw is today is a far fetch from the band’s early days. The shift really began with the release of their 2014 album Charmer, and then developed further when current members Ben Walsh and Brianna Collins announced they would be moving forward as a duo when the other members of the band bowed out. Following many speculations and a slightly short-lived hiatus, the band kept at it. 2017 saw them release their major label debut spin on Black Cement, producer Will Yip‘s imprint under Atlantic Records.

spin showed fans Tigers Jaw at their best, and highlighted how the band are as mesmerising, if not even more than they have ever been in their days as a quintet. The jangly guitars we came to know and love from Charmer are there, but it’s the first batch of songs that were actually written for the purpose of Walsh and Collins as a duo, and that in itself might be why it’s some of their best; as opposed to rearranging a piece originally meant for a five-piece to fit a two-piece. Collins has had to take on a co-frontperson role, one that is well suited as is highlighted in the dainty and ethereal ‘June’.

Now with the duo taking the new material out on the road, they continue to captivate with their new, more melancholic side that we’ve quickly become acquianted with in the past few years. There’s always a sense of togetherness and belonging that comes with hearing sad songs being played live, which might be why Tigers Jaw translates even better off record. With such wispy deliverance, you can’t help but get the sense that “everything will be okay.” That feeling in itself may be one of the greatest things music can bring across, and it’s something Tigers Jaw continues to excel in.