Ten Albums You May Have Missed This Year

[tps_header] Since we’re a decent way into the second half of 2017 now, and some people have already begun their “best albums of 2017 so far” we thought we would take a look at a few albums that you may have missed from the first half of this year. Some of them are slightly bigger releases, some of them are a bit obscure, but all of them deserve at least a listen.

So here we go! [/tps_header]

bad sign

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Admittedly we’re starting off with a slightly cheaty one here, as Live & Learn was actually only released this month, and you may well be hearing more about it in the next few months. That’s because this album is an absolute barnstormer of a record, a truly fantastic mix of grunge, hardcore, punk, alternative rock, nu-metal and more. The riffs are outstanding and Joe Appleford‘s voice is simply sublime. Bad Sign have already impressed audiences across the country with a string of support slots that left many a jaw dropped like a lead weight down a well, and Live & Learn is that but on an album.