You Me At Six’s Back Catalogue Of Albums Ranked


You Me At Six

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From a care-free, naive pop punk band to one of the biggest homegrown British rock bands of the last decade; life in the music industry has been quite the learning curve for Surrey rockers You Me At Six. Amassing the kind of uber passionate fanfare that every band rehearsing in their garage as we speak craves for, the quintet have built a connection with their fans of such strength that it has propelled the band to heights and accomplishments that very few would have thought possible during their original burst out of the blocks in 2008.

From flirting with the idea of calling it a day (on more than one occasion) to disputes and changes of their label – You Me At Six hasn’t always been the steadiest of ships. Difficulties aside though, the quintet have built a back catalogue of music that without doubt captured the hearts of a large segment of the nation. From the great, to the good, to the very mediocre – we ranked You Me At Six’s albums. [/tps_header]

5. Night People

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It’s part and parcel of following a band from their early days that as time goes on, there’s always the chance that there are going to be a few direction tweaks along the way. Latest album Night People saw You Me At Six’s full evolution from a charming band of youngsters hoping to bring a smile to your face, to a band in their mid twenties looking to be considered in the same vein as Arctic Monkeys and Royal Blood, a true rock and roll band. The jump resulted in a sound that seemed largely void of any kind of charisma or personality, the wooden, bland tones of tracks like ‘Swear’ and the title track just didn’t seem to fit the profile the band had built for themselves.

The transition is something that frontman Josh Franceschi has admitted hasn’t been overtly successful, recently stating on the RockSound podcast that “I don’t think we managed to deliver what we wanted to”. While the album hasn’t dented the bands popularity too much, especially in the UK – there is a feeling that Night People is unquestionably a bump in the road for You Me At Six.